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Microdosing is the regular use of tiny amounts of a psychedelic substance. For instance the substance: Psilocybin in mushrooms and magic truffles. Tiny amounts are amounts as low as 0.2 grams, upto 0,7 grams from magic mushrooms. These are just above threshold for the substance to become active and noticable in the human body. As the dose is very low it does not induce hallucinations or other effects know to a magic mushroom trip ( a macro-dose). Purchase micro mushrooms online

The micro-dose is used regular, Every other day or following a microdose schedule.

Micro Mushrooms In the world of psychedelics, a “micro” dose is an amount of that is considered sub-perceptual for the user – not intended to get you “high” or drastically affect your perception in any way, but utilizing the drug in lower doses for a variety of alternative benefits. Purchase micro mushrooms online here

Users micro-dosing psychedelic mushrooms typically do so to combat depression or anxiety, enhance their creativity, energy levels, focus and senses overall – often with amazing results. Micro mushrooms contain a custom blend of our Cubensis and Mexicana strains, packaged in easy to swallow capsulesin .2 gram doses (1/5th of a gram.)

Each order contains 30 individual capsules.
(i.e. a quantity of 1 chosen below = 30 capsules, not just one.)

How to schedule micro mushrooms dosing

Every after three day microdosing

For the best results you want to take the microdose in the morning with food so you can feel the benefits throughout the day while not having any digestive discomfort. Another reason to microdose in the morning is because microdosing in the afternoon can disrupt your sleeping schedule due to the increase of brain activity and energy you will receive. Micro mushrooms available

Here is an example of a microdose schedule:

Monday – Take a microdose in the morning with food and water

Tuesday – No microdose because it is still in your system and providing health benefits

Wednesday – No microdose because your body has built up a tolerance to the mushrooms and needs a break

Thursday – Take a microdose in the morning with food and water

Microdosing every other day

A common microdosing schedule look like this:

  • Day 1: MicroDose Day,
  • Day 2: Effect Day; Feel (or don’t) the effects of the micro-dose of micro mushrooms taken the day before
  • Day 3: Resting day; No dose is taken, effects of micro mushrooms wear off
  • Day 4: MicroDose Day; take your Microdose of micro mushrooms again.

Follow the schedule for 10 weeks to feel the effects. Repeat the same schedual all this time. Stop if it does not feel right. Lower dose if you feel strong effects, increase doese if you feel nothing at all. Purchase micro mushrooms online

All this time keep doing what you are doing normally, go to work, clean, study. Keep your daily routines as normal as possible. Make notes and reflect on how and what you feel during the time you microdose. Micro mushrooms available here


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